Manufacturing a Cap Involves Several Key Steps:


Create a design, specifying details like style, color, and material.

Material Selection

Choose suitable fabrics or materials based on design and functionality.

Pattern Making

Develop a pattern that serves as a template for cutting fabric pieces.


Cut the fabric according to the pattern, ensuring precision.


Assemble the cap by stitching the cut pieces together.


Add embellishments, logos, or other decorative elements if desired.

Quality Check

Inspect the finished caps for quality and consistency.


Pack the caps securely for shipping or retail.

Cotton Varieties:

Explore our collection, including Twill, Brushed, Canvas, Stripe, Jersey, Chino, Denim, and Corduroy.

Polyester Selections:

Discover a range of Polyesters, including Twill, Ponge, Acrylic, Nylon Taslan, Nylon Ripstop, Microfibre, Dri-fit, Pro mesh, and Suedine.

Mixed Fabric Choices:

Explore unique combinations like Melton Wool, Poly Cotton Twill, and blends such as Cotton and Polyester/Spandex.

Diverse Materials:

Choose from an array of materials, including Faux Leather, Leather, and PU.

Certified Sustainable Fabrics:

Opt for sustainable choices with certifications such as Oeko-Tex, GOTS, GRS, Ecocert.


Decorating Elements and Techniques


For new designs, please provide artworks, clearly mention sizes, panton ref, and positions. It’s best to use vector format (Adobe Illustrator) or high-resolution jpeg files.

If you have existing embroideries, send us your embroidery tape in .dst format for Tajima machines. Alternatively, we can create the tape for you, without any charges.

Take advantage of our blank templates that allow easy incorporation of your logos and colors.”

Feel free to let me know if you have specific preferences or further adjustments!

What type of artwork is needed for logo and decoration applications?

When submitting fresh designs, kindly provide digital versions of the artwork in either monochrome or color. Clearly specify dimensions, color schemes, and placement, preferably in vector format (Adobe Illustrator) or as high-resolution JPEG files. We appreciate the inclusion of Pantone color codes for accuracy.

For those utilizing pre-existing embroideries, furnish us with your embroidery tape in .dst format compatible with Tajima machines. If needed, we can produce the tape on your behalf, with a nominal fee based on the stitch count. Your cooperation in supplying these details ensures a smooth and precise execution of the design process.

Basic design: 100/pcs: 100/pcs
Complex design and special decoration applications: 576/pcs
Panton color dyeing(cotton fabric/CVC): 1000/pcs
Panton color dyeing (Technical fabric): 3000(if imported)
Certified organic cotton: 3000/pcs
Recycle material: 3000/pcs


Sampling lead time: 1 weeks.

Bulk production lead time: 30.days

For any urgent and rush production, please contact us.

FOB: Goods hand over to port to  customer nominated forwarder. (Chittagong port)
CIF : Port to Port by sea (LCL or FCL).
DDU: Delivery to customer warehouse without port duty.

For the pricing and quotations of custom headwear, several factors influence the manufacturing cost, including:

  • The quantity ordered
  • The type of fabric and materials used
  • The chosen decoration techniques
  • Logo sizes
  • Finishing details like woven labels and lining
  • The selected shipping method

To generate an accurate quotation and determine the final price, we need comprehensive details about your headwear project, including design specifications, quantities, and relevant information.

Payment terms: L/C or T T

Graphic and design services: After order confirmation.

Sample: After order confirmation.

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